Prescribe Your Path to Freedom:
Goal Setting for Healthcare Professionals

Are you a busy healthcare professional? Fed up with trading time for money? Join our FREE webinar and discover the secrets of multifamily investing for passive income. Set your goals and achieve financial freedom.

MAY 28th

6:00pm - 7:00pm EST



6:00pm - 7:00pm


Prescribe Your Path to Freedom
Goal Setting & Multifamily Investing for Healthcare Professionals

Busy healthcare pro? Tired of trading time for money? Join our FREE webinar & unlock the secrets of multifamily investing for passive income. Set your goals & achieve financial freedom.


This webinar is ideal for a diverse group of Healthcare Professionals & individuals looking to expand their investment horizons. 

Proven strategies used by busy healthcare professionals to build wealth

How to set smart goals for your ideal passive income stream.

Streamlined investing methods that fit your demanding schedule.

Understanding how passive income can help you create time freedom & long term wealth.

How to get started in passive multifamily investing as a busy professional.

How to multiply your passive income over a five to ten year period, without dealing with tenants.


Medical Professionals...

Who want to build passive income through real estate and balance work-life harmony.

Who want to passively invest but don’t know where to start

Looking to diversify their investment portfolio

Interested in real estate investing


Rasmi | Aarcstone capital

Rashmi Chanduraj

Managing Partner
Aarcstone Capital
Rashmi Chanduraj, founding partner of Aarcstone Capital, isn’t just an investor – she’s a multifamily mastermind. Her journey began with early lessons from her father, blossoming into a strategic approach honed by academic rigor (BFA & MASc) and applied to asset management and cutting-edge technology.Shifting from single-family to multifamily, Rashmi’s career boasts achievements in Human Capital and Program Management. This expertise translates into Aarcstone Capital, where she’s dedicated to elevating community living and exceeding expectations.

Dr. Nkem Ezeamama

Founder and CEO
Pheenyx Capital Investment
Dr. Nkem Ezeamama, a passionate physician, craved a life beyond the limitations of her profession. Seeking an expansive lifestyle, she discovered the transformative power of multifamily real estate investing.

Nkem’s journey began as a successful investor herself. Fueled by this experience, she founded Pheenyx Capital Investment with a mission: empower healthcare professionals to achieve financial freedom.

Nkem unlocks the door to passive wealth creation, guiding doctors and other professionals to transform their hard-earned money into lasting assets. Her expertise empowers them to invest strategically in multifamily properties, without sacrificing their valuable time.

Through education and personalized guidance, Nkem cultivates a community of successful healthcare investors, allowing them to finally live the life they deserve.

If These Questions Frequently Cross Your Mind,
This Webinar Is The Ideal Solution For You

Multifamily real estate offers a path to passive income and long-term wealth accumulation, which can provide financial stability and freedom alongside your medical career.
Investing in real estate can provide an additional income stream, potentially allowing you to reduce your medical shifts over time, leading to a more balanced work-life schedule.
Our minimum investment is typically $50,000, but our average investment is $100,000. This allows your capital to grow faster.
Yes, this webinar is designed for healthcare professionals new to real estate investing. It will cover the basics and provide insights specific to your medical background.
Absolutely. Multifamily real estate allows you to generate passive income, meaning you can earn money without constant involvement. Many medical professionals successfully manage real estate alongside their careers.
Aarcstone Capital Group works with accredited investors and people who have min $50,000 to Invest. If you want to know the definition of an accredited investor, You can find it here.


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