How Women Are Leading
In Real Estate With AI And Innovation

Join us for a webinar highlighting the influential role of women in AI and innovation. We'll cover their groundbreaking research, inventive solutions, and exemplary leadership that advance diversity and inclusion within the tech sector.

JULY 11th


Prescribe Your Path to Freedom
Goal Setting & Multifamily Investing for Healthcare Professionals

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Women's impact on AI.

Promoting tech diversity.

Learning from industry leaders.

Fostering innovation.

Practical steps for progress.

Gender equality insights.


This webinar is perfect for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone passionate about fostering diversity and innovation in the industry.

Real estate professionals curious about AI.

Individuals interested in AI's role in real estate.

Advocates for gender equality and tech diversity in real estate.

Innovators leveraging AI for real estate solutions.


Rasmi | Aarcstone capital

Rashmi Chanduraj

Managing Partner
Aarcstone Capital
Rashmi Chanduraj, founding partner of Aarcstone Capital, isn’t just an investor – she’s a multifamily mastermind. Her journey began with early lessons from her father, blossoming into a strategic approach honed by academic rigor (BFA & MASc) and applied to asset management and cutting-edge technology.Shifting from single-family to multifamily, Rashmi’s career boasts achievements in Human Capital and Program Management. This expertise translates into Aarcstone Capital, where she’s dedicated to elevating community living and exceeding expectations.

Cassie Hern

The Creative Minds
Cassandra Hern is a visionary in multifamily real estate and passionate about teaching people how to utilize artificial intelligence in business. As the founder of High Rise Capital and Creative Minds, she excels in connecting everyday people with apartment syndications and deepening ties with existing investors. Creative Minds focuses on educating people on AI and offering consulting services to help businesses implement AI solutions effectively.

In 2023, as ChatGPT began to reshape technology and businesses, Cassandra and her team embraced AI to transform their operations. This integration did more than streamline processes—it transformed her team into an AI-powered powerhouse. While others marveled at AI’s basic capabilities, her team leveraged it to significantly boost productivity and efficiency.

Now, Cassandra is dedicated to empowering others to leverage AI, teaching entrepreneurs how to revolutionize their businesses and enhance their lives beyond the conventional 9-5 grind. Committed to freedom, innovation, and the creation of multiple income streams, Cassandra embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. She is committed to educating and assisting businesses in building AI-powered teams, ensuring they harness the full potential of today’s technology.

If These Questions Frequently Cross Your Mind,
This Webinar Is The Ideal Solution For You

Multifamily real estate offers a path to passive income and long-term wealth accumulation, which can provide financial stability and freedom alongside your medical career.
Absolutely! Diversification is key to managing risk and preserving wealth, making this webinar highly relevant for retirees seeking to optimize their investment strategies for long-term financial security.
Our minimum investment is typically $50,000, but our average investment is $100,000. This allows your capital to grow faster.
Yes, this webinar is designed for healthcare professionals new to real estate investing. It will cover the basics and provide insights specific to your medical background.
Diversification spreads investment across various assets, reducing the impact of any single asset's poor performance on the overall portfolio.
Aarcstone Capital Group works with accredited investors and people who have min $50,000 to Invest. If you want to know the definition of an accredited investor, You can find it here.
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