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Multifamily Investing with Self-Directed IRAs

Ready to Master the "secret weapon" of sophisticated investors?

Watch our recorded webinar and discover how self-directed IRAs can turbocharge your multifamily investing.

What You'll Learn

Understanding Self-Directed IRAs

What is a self-directed IRA and the benefits.

Eligibility and Participation

The issues we are facing in today's Retirement.

Tax Advantages

Master the tax benefits of using your IRA.

Secret Strategies

Understanding the artificial restriction and retirement fee structures.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to take back control in three simple steps and the process.

Live Q&A

Get your burning questions answered by self-directed IRA Expert.

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

This webinar is ideal for a diverse group of working professionals or anyone who has a traditional IRA and looking to expand their investment horizons.

Aspiring Investors

Explore new avenues in Multifamily real estate investments with high growth potential.

Individuals seeking

Tax-advantaged wealth creation through real estate..

Working Professionals

Anyone curious about self-directed IRAs for multifamily investing.

Retirement Savers

Looking to diversify your retirement portfolio.

Rasmi | Aarcstone capital

About Host

Rashmi Chanduraj

Rashmi Chanduraj, founding partner of Aarcstone Capital, isn’t just an investor – she’s a multifamily mastermind. Her journey began with early lessons from her father, blossoming into a strategic approach honed by academic rigor (BFA & MASc) and applied to asset management and cutting-edge technology. Shifting from single-family to multifamily, Rashmi’s career boasts achievements in Human Capital and Program Management. This expertise translates into Aarcstone Capital, where she’s dedicated to elevating community living and exceeding expectations.

Self-Directed IRA Webinar

About Guest Speaker

Ramez Fakhoury

Ramez Fakhoury is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, where he has honed his skills in diverse sectors such as hospitality, financial services, and real estate. Serving as the Vice President of the IRA Club, his primary goal is to unlock doors and open opportunities for investors. Ramez is deeply committed to educating and inspiring individuals, empowering them to venture beyond conventional paths and diversify their investments through the power of self-direction. By offering a white-glove customer service experience, he aims to empower individuals to reclaim control over their retirement.

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Traditional IRAs limit your investment options.

This guide unlocks the potential of Self-Directed IRAs and Multifamily Real Estate, a powerful combination for building tangible wealth and consistent income for your retirement.

Take control of your financial future.  Claim Your Free Bonus eBook and
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of Self-Directed IRAs compared to traditional accounts.

  • Discover why multifamily real estate is an attractive investment option.

  • Learn different investment strategies and choose the one that's right for you.

  • Navigate the legal and tax considerations with confidence.

  • Get practical tips on building your team of trusted advisors.

  • Read inspiring success stories of real people who achieved financial freedom through Self-Directed IRAs and multifamily real estate.

investing in real estate through a self directed ira

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